Robbie Williams trying to sell his Compton Bassett House

Well, he is finding it very hard to get a buyer. Now, Take that star Robbie Williams’ chances to sell his country house taking on a whiff of despair because of stinking fumes from a close landfill place. Elaborated as more potent compared to rotten eggs, the steam clouds have been besetting his Wiltshire village along with dozens of accuses made to the parish council.
And the villagers, who concern that the stench would affect house prices, told that it is at its worst across the estate of the singer. The waste management company which runs the landfill place has even made a deodourising system that works in the very same way as a household air freshener, drawing out gas to disguise the pong.
Forty year old Robbie Williams purchased the Compton Bassett House, set in seventy one acres of land and manicured lawns close to Marlborough, in the year 2009 for £8.1 million. Earlier this year, the singer dropped the price after he failed to attract a buyer before managing a huge advertisement in Country Life without a price tag.
One of the residents, who have registered complaints with waste contractors via the parish council, told that depending on the wind, the stench can also affect people staying near stand-up artist comic Michael McIntyre’s house in a neighboring village.
He stated that because of this, people become forced to close their window. Residents have got fed up with complaining as they could not see how it is going to finish. It is very depressing.