As many people as there were who loved Lady Gaga's grand entrance in an egg during the 2011 Grammy Awards red carpet show Sunday night, there were also plenty who thought it was just strange. As it turns out, Miley Cyrus is one of those said people.

Speaking in an interview with E! News after seeing the spectacular entrance by the "Born This Way" singer, Miley at first led on that she was going to be trying the same thing next year:

"I'm doing the egg next year, for sure ... It's going to a pink one—an Easter one with all the fun colors."


Seems like John Mayer has a thing for the young ladies...last year he was rumoured to be hooking up with the then 20 year old Taylor Swift, and now he's gone even younger, apparently hooking up with 18 year old Miley Cyrus at the Grammys!

But according to Star magazine, it was Miley who did most of the ground work! Apparently the teenager was following Mayer around "like a puppy dog" all night at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party.

An eyewitness told the magazine, "She put her arm around his waist, and even grabbed his behind", and apparently Mayer was more than happy to "reciprocate."


Teen superstar Miley Cyrus wants to take a break from her singing and acting career to work as a missionary in Indonesia.

The Hannah Montana star reveals charity work is high on her list of things to do in 2011 and she is keen to help build wells to improve access to clean water in villages in the impoverished nation.

'Honestly, I cannot sleep at night because I get so excited about doing good things for the world, changing the world,' quoted her as saying.