Miley Cyrus enjoying the 'best time' of her life

It was earlier reported that former Disney star Miley Cyrus was left devastated following her split with her lover Liam Hemsworth earlier in August. But now the singer insists that she is really happy being single.

In a recent interview with a leading magazine, the twenty year old singer and actress spoke about her break up with The Hunger Games actor.

Miley Cyrus' hot 'Wrecking Ball' video released

On Monday, Miley Cyrus’ music video to her track ‘Wrecking Ball’ was unveiled offering her rooters a more compromising appearance of the singer. The video of Wrecking Ball is directed by controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson, who is known for boundary hitting editorials in glossy periodicals.

Miley Cyrus is spotted playing in a cinderblock cyclorama of sorts, stripping down as well as driving a not very clean looking wrecking ball. In the video, when Miley was sporting cloths, she was sporting white dress.

Miley Cyrus' MTV Video Music Awards performance

Miley Cyrus' performance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards attracted plenty of attention from the audience. And there is one group who were not happy with Miley’s performance. Parents Television Council hit out MTV for the broadcast and they condemned Miley Cyrus' raunchy show with Robin Thicke and more than that the show as a whole.

Miley suffers from neck injury

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus has suffered a neck injury and has stated that she is in a lot of pain. The twenty year old singer could not stop crying after she mysteriously hurt herself and she has been asked to stay in bed so that it gets healed as fast as possible and she can resume the promotional activities for her new track - "We can't stop."

Miley said on Twitter: "In so much pain. I hate being sick. My neck f***ing hurts. Really stressed out. Crying only makes me feel worse but I cant help it. I am finally getting to perform 'We Can't Stop' and now this s***s happening,"

Miley Cyrus's collaboration with Snoop Dogg

Singer Miley Cyrus goes for yet another reinvention as her new collaboration with rapper Snoop Dogg, who is also known as Snoop Lion, finally surfaces. The single Ashtrays and Heartbreak was unveiled today and really sounds a world apart from the Miley’s past personifications as country singer and pop princess.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth marriage plans

Hannah Montana actor Miley Cyrus has picked a Marchesa gown as her number one choice for her wedding. In June 2012, the actress got engaged with Liam Hemsworth. According to reports, Miley is now torn between gowns as several other designers has offered her to make her wedding dress.

Miley reportedly told that Marchesa make the most amazing dresses, they are definitely one of their options.But so many people want to be involved, she would probably have thirty dresses at her wedding.

Miley Cyrus adopts a new puppy

Actress Miley Cyrus revealed that she is finding it hard to leave her puppy alone as she kisses her nose. The Hannah Montana star has adopted a chihuahua-cross named Bean after her dog Lila died before Christmas.

Recently, she has been posting some beautiful pictures of Bean for her Twitter followers as Miley has been playing with her puppy. She posted a picture of her and Bean with the caption “Good morning Bean”. In the snap, Miley is seen cupping her puppy in her hand. In the picture, Bean is seen sporting a black colored jumper.

Miley Cyrus loves Kelly’s Honesty

Miley Cyrus says that she and Kelly Osbourne are good friends because both of them share an honest and sincere relation. Miley values Osbourne’s friendship because of her honesty and sincerity.

Miley Dresses as Skeleton for Halloween Party

Miley put in a lot of effort for Halloween makeover. The 19 year old singer attended the scary holiday party dressed with a face full of black and white pain which resembled that of a skeleton. Miley entered the high class Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood with her pretty face hidden behind the paint.

Miley Cyrus posts more snaps

She might carry a different opinion regarding her new hair style, but she is the number one rooter of Miley Cyrus. Recently, Cyrus has been pelting Twitter with snaps of her brand new hair style. Few days ago, she took to the social networking site to flaunt few bling in a snap with her friend, telling: 'Diiiiiamonds on muahhh neck diiii diiiimonds on muahhhhh grilllllll.'