Miley Cyrus Scorns At Selena Gomez’s Selfie With Her Instagram Pics

It seems as if Miley Cyrus is at her criticizing game once again. The singer is seen making fun of Selena Gomez in her new Instagram image with a seriously nasty caption.

On January 21, the “Wrecking Ball” star posted a sexy selfie on Instagram and it is exactly similar to the hot bikini selfie of Selena Gomez, posted on January 14.

The 22-year-old Cyrus is clearly looking to start a new dispute with Selena, accusing her of posting hot images only to get more followers on Instagram.

In the image, Miley is seen sporting a black bra revealing her major cleavage and offering a plump pout. Therefore, it is totally clear that she wants to target Selena. The similarities between the selfies of Selena and Miley are seriously at high levels. But the comments made by Miley are truly shocking. Many think that Miley is just envious of the fact that Selena has 22 million followers, a lot more than her 15 million.

Once the image was posted, “#SelenaPleaseMeetMileySheLovesYou” started trending on twitter throughout the world. This made Selena’s fans furious. They remarked that Miley is just trying to bring down Selena’s popularity, as she is fanatical about Selena.

This is not the only occasion when Selena has been targeted by Miley. In June 2014, when Miley was performing at her Bangerz concert, she grabbed Selena’s cardboard cutout from the audience and tossed it back to the crowd. Selena was not at all surprised by Miley’s behavior and she felt sorry for her.