Maria Shriver Rejects Son Patrick Dating Miley Cyrus

American Journalist and spouse of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver disapproves son Patrick is dating the pop-star Miley Cyrus.

Maria dislikes the wild antics of Cyrus and recently she canceled her plans of attending Art Basel with brother Anthony after Cyrus arrived in Miami with Patrick. An insider has confirmed the news that Maria canceled her tour to Art Basel because she came to know Cyrus would be present there with her son Patrick. Miley has been dating Patrick for months.

The pop star was booked to perform at Jeffrey Deitch and Tommy Hilfiger’s bash at the Raleigh. She became the center of attention at the Art Basel as she stripped down on the stage to her silver pasties. She even smoked a joint. The pop star also invited a man clothed as a penis and a topless woman on the stage and danced with them. Miley Cyrus was always together with Patrick. They partied three nights consecutively at the high-end club E11even.

According to sources, one night Miley was seen petting and kissing Paris Hilton at the club. On another night, Miley was carried out after heavy drinking.

Another source has informed that Patrick and Miley were heard quarreling at Raleigh Hotel over the singer’s drug use. Although Patrick is antidrugs, Miley doesn’t bother to take drugs. She openly smoked marijuana on the stage during her performance on December 3. Incongruously, a video was posted by Maria on Twitter that highlighted the dangers associated with binge drinking. Anthony Shriver resides in Miami and runs a charity called Best Buddies International. Anthony likes Cyrus because she does wonderful works for charity.